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  1. Deborah Smith

    As a grandmother and mother, I can look back and see that my parents tried their best to prepare me for the future of being a wife and mother. Oh, I know we set aside money for college (or marriage), but there was no follow up to push for education. Perhaps it was a fear of striking out on my own and uncertainty of which direction to take, but I ultimately went from the protective nest of my parents to the protective nest of marriage. However, once I was on my own and solely supporting 4 small children, I truly found myself forced to consider which steps to make to provide for them. If I had had a college degree, how might that have changed my options and choices?

    Now that they have all grown into adulthood and I have grandchildren, I find they need me as much now as when they were small. I know I will not be able to have the independent freedom to accomplish any goals or pursue any dreams (should I ever think of something I would really like to do) in the future. Young women are not the only ones that may feel “alone in their uncertainty” of the future and what it may hold for them.

    If they rush too quickly into a realtionship and marriage, they may completely miss the opportunity to search, find, and do things that may change them forever. They need to make their bucket list and achieve their goals and dreams that might otherwise have to be forsaken in the future.

    • Hi Deborah,
      What a wonderful message..I do not have grandchildren but am raising my children solely..I completely relate with what you are saying..although I have accomplished some great things in my opportunities to further my goals have been cut short for the sake of a man and his insecurities..I have been married twice,first to a man I met at 17yrs old,we married when I was 22yrs old and divorced by the time i was 27yrs old..I was young way to young..When we met i was in high school but a model signed with a well known agency..I wanted to attend college to become a criminal psychiatrist..When I graduated high school I received news that another modeling agency wanted me to sign with them because my contract was up with the other..My now ex-husband did not want me to and stupidity hit me fast, i listened because in my mind i was In Love with him and in fear of loosing him..Ohh Myy..What was i thinking..After that not thought out decision I decided to pursue college to become a criminal psychiatrist..It did not take long before his insecurities came out..Right before our wedding he asked me to take a break from college or the wedding was off..Again a not so good decision because I never returned..I don’t like regrets so I try not to dwell on it..I can not even begin to explain my 2nd time around..This time I was in my 30’s and he was 12yrs older than me..It seems Men never mature,As I moved forward he ran in the same place..I cant get a do over and I love the 2 little souls that i created..It is never to late to do something you have always dreamed of no matter what age you are..I know your children need you but you need you too..

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