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12 comments on “The Right Age to Have a Baby

  1. Great post! Many of my college friends are already married with children (and we’re only 23) and I always felt like that wasn’t the right path for me – precisely because of the many reasons you just mentioned! Thanks for helping me realize I’m not crazy lol.

    • Thanks Amanda! We are glad to see you feel the same way! Women actually have more time than they think so there is no reason to start the countdown in your twenties. If you don’t want kids, more power to you….If you do want kids, What’s the Rush?!

  2. In my core group of friends, I am now the only one who had not become a parent. I am almost 29 and I am still not ready. I would like to be at financially stable now. Plus I still have a few more years. I am glad I’m not the only one.

    • Thanks for the comment! There seems to be some strange fix on the age “30”… that one must be married and have kids by then or end up an “old maid.’ We aim to break that stereotype! We’re still out having fun and living our lives! IF you decide to have kids, there’s plenty of time for the staying up all night, diaper changing, sticky fingers, child proofing part of life. What’s the Rush?!

  3. I could write an article about this subject because I have experienced both..I was married at 22yrs old met him when I a junior in high school,17yrs old..Had my daughter at 24yrs old and divorced at 27yrs old..The moral of that story is I gave up my dreams to marry him..I was a model for NewYork Models and was going to sign with Wilhelmina Model Agency,I was 15yrs old when I started. At 19yrs old I was chosen out of hundreds to do a Revlon ad..After that my soon to be husband got insecure,thinking success for a women is a disaster for his image.So he told me if I did continue the wedding was off!!! I stupidly listened thinking I was soooo in love and that I would be lost without him..I did not sign that contract with Wilhelmina!!!Mistake Mistake Mistake…

  4. Totally agree! Truth be told I thought about starting a family because I used to think if I kept on waiting I’d might be too late… stupid I know, considering that I’m only 19… I was thinking maybe at 23 or 25 but now, I think I’ll wait a looot more 🙂 and get some me time before… & after I can say I’ve lived enough, now I can think for others, then I’ll start a family 😉

    Thank you so much for this page! Its so eye opening and I’ve learned so much just by reading like 2 or 3 posts.. my mother never talk to me about things that matter like this, things that every young girl should know.

    • Melissa,
      Thank you for your comment, and I am glad you see that you have plenty of time for kids and family….but only this little bit of time for YOU!

      Travel, have adventures, kiss some strangers, start a business, do it all so that you put yourself in the right place and you are emotionally, physically and financially whole. Then, should you decide to marry, you will be a better mother and partner because you’ve done more than most others. All of your amazing life experiences can be used to teach lessons to your children, sharing with them the passion of life and adventure.

      The avg woman will spend less than 5% of her entire life living for herself. That’s not enough!!!

      Keep on kickin’ butt girlfriend, and you can take over the world with us!


  5. Regina Lopes Profile photo of

    I had a lecturer who has two teenage daughters. Most of the time in the class, she was always complaining that she never had money. That her kids wanted money for this or that.
    I’ve also had friends in their late teens who got pregnant and were always complaining about never having money. How the father never helped. They wanted to go out, but there was no one to babysit the baby. I wanted to take them out, but they couldn’t.
    Just goes to show that preparation is very important. Just because everyone else is making you feel that it’s time to have babies, does mean that you have to if you are not ready. Otherwise you will just be living their lives and not yours.

  6. Marina

    Im a 29 year old in a really good relationship. My partner and I are constantly being asked when we are having kids. Truth is, even though we both love kids and want them, we are just enjoying being just us for now. We can stay in bed on weekends, go away whenever we feel like and focus on our careers. Babies will happen in due time, and if for some reason they don´t, we have so many great things in our life to be grateful for.

    • Thanks for the comment, Marina! So glad to hear you are strong enough to push back on the pressure from others. We’ve met soooo many people who had kids too early….simply to satisfy their relatives, society, etc. Then, they end up regretting missing out on some of their own life. You’re definitely doing it right! Virtual high-five!

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