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12 Things You Need to Do in 2012

Happy New Year from SheNOW! 2012 is going to be your best year yet, and we want to help you accomplish, be and live more than ever. So, get your calendar, and let’s get started! Ready…Set …Go!

• January

———-Calendar – Look at your calendar right now and pick an open weeknight, Saturday or Sunday. Write the Phrase: “Saving the World”
———-Monthly Activity = Volunteering: This is good for your body and soul. You’ll meet new people, make friends, network, and possibly even get a good work-out depending on what you do!
—————>Suggestions: Need help finding a place? Check out Habitat for Humanity, your local SPCA and/or VoluteerMatch.org.

o Plan Ahead Activity – Think of a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Pick a date (right now) on your calendar in January, and write this: “Day to start saving for Trip to __________ (fill in the blank).” Start saving!
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• February

———-Calendar – Pick an open Saturday or Sunday. Write the Phrase: “Me Time”
———-Monthly Activity = It’s All About Me: This is 24 hours with you and only you. Make your best effort to turn off the phone and stay away from your computer. Have a Glass of wine & snuggle up with a good book. Watch old movies. Spend the day at the spa. Go on a window shopping trip. Start a Journal. Whatever it is, focus on you and no one else. YOU DESERVE IT!

• March

———-Calendar – Pick an open weeknight, Saturday or Sunday. Write the word: “Action!”
———-Monthly Activity = Culture: Find a play, theatre show or museum that is happening on your chosen night. You can invite friends to attend with you, but if no one is available….
———->Suggestions: See if there are any SheNOW members living in your area that can go, or go have a fabulous time solo! Some of the best adventures can be had when you’re out meeting strangers and introducing yourself to new things!

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• April

———-Calendar – Pick an open weekend. Write the word: “Trip”
———-Monthly Activity = Trip for One: Select a location near or far to travel to alone. Maybe this is a trip to a mountain resort, a spa weekend, camping, or even just a weekend in the next town over. Do some touristy stuff, meet the locals at the pubs, take time for inner reflection, self-discovery and relaxation.

• May

———-Calendar – Pick an open Saturday or Sunday. Write the Word: “Nature”
———-Monthly Activity = Nature Can be Nurturing: Spend the day outdoors; visit an arboretum or zoo; go for a hike, walk, or bike ride; challenge some friends to dodgeball, volleyball, softball, etc.

o Plan Ahead Activity– Spend time this month looking at courses offered locally. This can be at a local community college or private establishment. What is something you’ve always been interested in learning? Painting, writing, yoga, photography, or Tae-kwon-do? Heck, even pole-dancing aerobics would work. Just find something!

• June

———-Calendar – June 1, 2012
———-Monthly Activity = Dreams: Dreams. What is the start date of the class you found from your research in May? Write it on your Calendar, and start this class in June. You’ll be one step closer to accomplishing a dream and/or checking something off your bucket list!

• July

———-Calendar – Pick an open Saturday or Sunday. Write the Phrase: “The Ultimate Challenge”
———-Monthly Activity = Thrill Day/Adventure: July is the month to challenge yourself to do something that scares you! Sky Diving? Bungee Jumping? Going to a bar by yourself? Asking someone out? Driving a race car? Whatever it might be, put it on your calendar now. “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” ~ Bernice Johnson Reagon quotes

• August

———-Calendar – Pick any day of the month. Write the Phrase: “Dear John”
———-Monthly Activity = Staying in Touch: Everyone receives letters around the holidays and maybe a random birthday card in the mail, but rarely do we get a nice, hand-written letter for no reason other than to say “Hi.” Pick 10 people that mean a lot to you and write them a note…even if it is just a simple “thinking of you card.” What a wonderful surprise it’ll be for them to get something other than bills in their mailbox. And, you better believe you’ll brighten their day and bring a smile to their face.

• September

———-Calendar – Pick a weekend. Write the Phrase: “Girl’s Trip!”
———-Monthly Activity = Best Friends Forever!: Traveling with your Girl Friends is Must a DO for all women. This month, plan a trip with your friends that gets you out of town. What you spend is up to you, but it can be something as simple as a road trip to a neighboring big city or something extravagant like a cruise. It’s up to you….just make it happen!

• October

———-Calendar – Pick a few days to choose from, including both weeknights and weekends. Write the Phrase: “I’ve Got Spirit!”
———-Monthly Activity = Sports Fanatic: Even if you aren’t a sports fan, sporting events can be fun. Pick an event that is happening on one of the nights you’ve scheduled to remain open and invite friends and family to attend with you. Go all out and really get into the spirit of things…paint your face, wear team colors, let your hair down and have a blast making a fool of yourself. Why not? You only live once!

• November

———-Calendar – Pick a Friday or Saturday night in the early part of November. Write the Phrase: “Party Time”
———-Monthly Activity = Host a Holiday Party: It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and colleagues in a personal setting. Invite friends and even family if you’d like. Make it a classy and enjoyable evening for all to help say goodbye to 2012.

• December

———-Calendar – Pick a Week (Sunday through Saturday). Write the Phrase: “I Will Not Bind Myself with My Own Routines”
———-Monthly Activity = Breaking Habits: Sometimes the greatest discoveries can come with small changes in our day-to-day routines. We think different, act different and force ourselves out of our comfort zone. So for one week, break your routine in anyway possible. For example, if you read books, try reading the paper. If you ride your bike to work, try jogging or taking a different path. If you always sit in the same seat on the bus or at lunch, mix it up. Do you eat at the same restaurants and Happy Hour at the same bars? Try a new place! You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll discover about yourself along the way. And, who knows, maybe it’ll be a new habit you carry into the New Year?!

Put these 12 activities on your calendar now so you don’t have any excuses, and you can plan around them throughout the year. These are your “Must Do’s” for 2012.

Live Now. Be Now. SheNOW!

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