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    I think that the cartoon raises a question of not going with flow! Doing what everyone else is doing it. Instead we need to look within and think about what makes us happy, regardless what everyone else thinks.

  2. I think it says that no matter what your decisions are, you have to know yourself. Sounds like she got ‘stuck’ in her way of life and wasn’t happy. I think this happens a lot, and then people are shocked when a stay-at-home mom might want something different or more for herself. Maybe if she had her own thing established first, she wouldn’t have ever gotten to that point?

  3. I think we sometimes get into a routine/comfort zone and become afraid of change. Even if you have kids you should always leave time for yourself. This can be the same for relationships you get too comfortable and forget about yourself as an individual.

  4. Hi Jennifer, thoughts on the cartoon…

    I’m surprised that this cartoon would even be published today. I would hope that we’ve moved beyond stereotyping what women do at any stage in their life. Embrace differences without judgment…whether it’s marriage & kids, education, travel or something totally outside the norm. The key is always being open to discovering yourself. Loving life and following your instincts.


  5. What came to my mind immediately was that just because you become a wife or a mum, or something else, it doesn’t mean that you stop being YOU. And you have to remember to always look after you.

  6. Sally! I know but I think sometimes we forget even though women have become more independent there are still people out there that don’t like it. Definitely, seen this with my friends ex-relationships where the man thinks all you can do is just be barefoot and pregnant. Women I believe will always struggle with the way people believe you should act. But we will KICK Butt and show them! Go WOMEN!

  7. I was a stay-at-home mom for years before I started going to school. Now with a couple of hundred hours of school under my belt I can’t wait to get the new college schedule to decide what class I want to take next.

    I guess learning is just plain fun for me. Could we call this a hobby? I first started college to get an education for a better job and then after taking some time off went back again because there were so many other things I wanted to learn.

    I have to say, taking that first step was a little scary for me but if I had let the fear hold me back I would never have become the person I am today without it.

    The only funny response from my children when I was talking outloud about the possibility of studying psychology was their disbelief that this was something I could do. They just couldn’t imagine it. Gee, thanks kids, for that vote of confidence. Ha!

  8. I am a Stay at home mom or now working mom from home. Being a mom does not define all of me. I was a teacher, and now I just have a class of two with the girls. There are so many things that I want to do still. I would even go back to school, I have been to grad school to get an M.ED and a MS and hold two teaching credentials. I did that before the girls came along.

    When the girls did come, I started on the admin side of the education system, working with intern teachers until this fall. But I also took a HUGE leap of faith and started my own home based business.

    In order to best take care of you, your family, you need to what’s best for you.

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