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12 comments on “Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo

  1. I got one on my bicep. The little old ladies at church have the most peculiar look on their faces when they see it, but what is done is done. I do not typically dress to hide or show off the tattoo anymore, I just wear what I like, but there are those that still have issues with it. I have always thought the problem is theirs and not mine.
    Will I let my sixteen run out and get one as soon as she is legal? Besides the fact I can’t stop her, no. I will not encourage her to get one. Life changes, your perspective changes, the ink does not.
    But I have to degree with the summation here. Things, even ink, can not make us happy. Things are not the answer to the search for happiness. Things just make the journey more fun along the way! Feeling good about yourself is important, but the high you get from a new tattoo is temporary. It won’t fulfill you.
    Just enjoy the art for the arts sake. Just my two cents, and with inflation, that is not alot!

  2. I really liked your response! I agree completely with what you said on ‘things’ not bringing hapiness. We all need to do what makes us happy, but also remember that materialism only brings shortlived happiness. 🙂 It takes a lot for one to find what really makes them happy. However, when that contentment is found, there is no better feeling! Happy Saturday to you!

  3. I got my first tattoo when I turned 21 and my first decision guilt free as an adult. It is a black rose with my name on it over my left shoulder blade.

    I like to get another tattoo either inside my wrist or a ankle bracelet.

  4. Deborah Smith

    I have three kiddos who have multiple tatoos and one who has chosen to have none. While I personally would never want one, since I’ve seen the faded and droopy look of too many as a person ages, I told them they could not get one until they moved out of the house. There is a reason I made that decision. If they wait until they are older they are more likely to make mature decisions on placement and type if art. If they still wish to ink themselves, hopefully won’t have to spend the rest their lives wearing tatoos that express the hormonal and immature choices of a teenager who is still dealing with lots of peer pressure.

  5. Regina Lopes Profile photo of

    For a few years, I have been thinking about getting a tattoo. I always thought that would be cool to have one. But now I know that if I got one, I would definitely want to get rid off it in the future. Therefore, I have decided not to get one.

  6. Kaya Des

    I got my first tattoo which is an angel, tastefully done if i might say, on the bottom right of my lower back in memory of my grandparents for my 15th birthday… i realize this is a very young age but it was a choice i made… but in making this choice, i consciously made the decision to get it in such a place that is normally always covered but can be shown should i wish…

    i think body art is a great way to express yourself but there are things to consider before making the decision to get one, but I love mine and have 2 at the minute and intend on getting my 3rd very soon… admittedly they are addictive 😀

  7. Jojo

    I’ve been thinking about getting inked for about 2 years, but have been waiting till I was the legal age of sixteen. Now through I’m only afew months away, I’m thinking more about the future. Like if I get pregnant later on in life, will it stretch.. Or when I start attending law school, if it’ll be an issue. Thanks ladies for your feedback it’s really helping me decide. I think I’m going to follow through with it, It is my body and appearance so if I like it is all that matters. I’m planning on getting it done, on my upper back to cover some old acne scars. The pain isn’t an issue because I really want this. Thank you again for this post, and all the feedback.

  8. Céline TRAN

    I’m for because a tattoo is unique , beautiful and sometime it has amazing personal writing . We have multiple choces of tattos and wa can tattoo on any parts of the body .
    We have a liberty of tattoo .
    A little motif for example a ” star ” on necks was so beautiful .
    But I’m con because it creates a tattoo on body , there is a risk of infection , to be sick , it’s forever on my body .
    It’s bad for the kids , they have a bad reputation in their school .

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