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New Study: Cohabitation May Not Lead to Divorce

Past studies have all but doomed anyone who chose to live together prior to getting married. Now, though, new studies find that this isn’t actually the case! While we don’t agree with the attitudes of the two women in the video who make it sound like every woman needs to get married, or even wants to get married, the results of the study were interesting enough that we needed to share them.

Why not get yourself established and then live together for a few years first? Remember, it’s not about being single, it’s about making the decisions that are right for you! What’s the Rush?!TM

What do you think about Pre-Marital Cohabitation?

Study: Shackin’ Up May Not Lead to Divorce:

4 comments on “New Study: Cohabitation May Not Lead to Divorce

  1. Regina Lopes Avatar of

    I don’t think that the decision to live together before marriage will afect how long the couple will stay together. I’ve met couples that were living together before marriage and were very happy. But as soon as they got married, they were constantly arguing and ended up getting a divorce. So much for getting married!

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