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Get hot for summer with Jillian Michaels and Gaiam TV!

Tired of watching Jillian Michaels give everyone else health tips and work their rear-ends into shape? Well now, she can be YOUR personal trainer!

We’ve recently discovered this new company and can’t get enough. Gaiam TV is the first streaming video subscription offering designed to reach those interested in health, wellness, yoga, fitness and personal development. With over 2,000 titles, Gaiam TV, it’s like a Netflix for health, wellness, yoga and fitness, delivering hundreds of hours of online yoga, Pilates and cardio classes. Gaiam TV viewers can practice with top instructors like Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Jillian Michaels, Mari Winsor and Kathryn Budig. They really do provide an Innovative Service & World-Class Programming.

Now, it’s easier than ever to fit a workout into your hectic schedule. With the Instant Access and 24/7 convenience, Gaiam TV’s entire library of award-winning videos is available anytime, anywhere. Streaming capabilities for Gaiam TV include personal computers, iPads and smartphones. So, you can take your smart phone to the park during lunch and get in a quick work out, or you can even do some of the exercises at your desk!

One of the biggest complaints about FitTV or other television programs like that is you have NO control over the programming. Well, now you do! You control who the instructor is, what type of workout you want, and when to do it! They even offer movies and documentaries on tons of subjects ranging from wellness to kids programming.

For example, Gaiam TV’s yoga and fitness studios are flexible and simple to use. Viewers can customize workouts for weight loss, total body sculpting or increased energy and narrow down their options based on level, style, instructor and amount of available time. With Gaiam TV, viewers can easily search for videos, make playlists and preview selections. Plus, subscribers to Gaiam TV are offered the chance to rate and review Gaiam TV titles. You can’t get more User-Friendly then that with their easily Customizable Programming:

Act Now and it’s Free to Try!! Gaiam TV offers a free 10-day trial to prospective subscribers. Gaiam TV’s $9.95 per month subscription fee allows subscribers to stream unlimited content. The subscription to Gaiam TV is no strings attached; there is no commitment, and members can cancel at anytime.

Since using Gaiam TV, we have worked out more in the last week than in any other week for as long as we can remember. We’ve even started a bit of a competition between some of the SheNOW Team on who can work out the most! Why don’t you join us?

Click Here to Take Advantage! Gaiam TV offers a Free 10-day Trial, No Strings Attached!

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