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Top Super-Foods Women Should Be Eating

By: Lisa Cherry

What are you eating?

As some of you know, my approach to living a life of wellness is not just something you do from time to time when you’re feeling like you ‘should’, it’s a way of life and it incorporates consciously looking after your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Today I would like to focus on food. I must stress that I’m not a qualified Nutritionist but I have had an interest in food and how it impacts upon the way we feel emotionally and physically, for many years through my own recovery from alcoholism which commenced over twenty years ago, through working with clients in my Holistic Health practise and through raising two children.

I haven’t visited a Doctor or had an illness for nearly 10 years and I firmly believe that this is down to my lifestyle and my diet.

So, if you fancy having a healthy life with shiny hair and clear skin looking as you bounce out of each decade and are well enough to love and embrace your forties, then let me share some of my top foods for life, with you.

Think of your eating habits as part of your overall health strategy and your way of life and enjoy the ride….


Salmon is loaded with protein and amino acids which are good for building your muscles. It’s high in Omega-3 fatty acid which supports fat loss and also looks after your skin through helping it repair.

It’s high in Vitamin D which supports strong bones through the fact that it encourages the absorption of calcium.


Lentils are cheap and again, loaded with protein making them perfect for a vegetarian diet. Lentils have the highest level of protein by weight of any plant-based food.

They are low in fat and high in nutrition and they are easy to cook and digest.

Brazil Nuts

These are also highly nutritious and also contain minerals like copper, Vitamin E (which keeps your skin looking young and healthy), Niacin (which again is good for your skin and your nervous system function), Fibre and magnesium.


These gorgeous bursts of natural sugar contain anthocyanidins which help counteract the presence of toxins in our bodies thus reducing the signs of aging and disease. They also help with the absorption of vitamins and the prevention of cell damage.


I have an orange after every single meal of the day. The vitamin C released after eating works to ensure anything that I have eaten that is contains iron, is more easily absorbed. They’re great for boosting your immune system and I have had maybe one cold in three years.


This is really a power house of goodness and I eat gallons of it! It overflows with nutrients, minerals and antioxidants with high levels of iron and calcium. Its rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K with a certain amount of Vitamin Cm vitamin B2 and B6.


I love avocado. I used to mash this up when my children were babies but as teenagers, green foods are mighty difficult for them to even look at! These are filled to the brim with B vitamins, folic acid, potassium, carotenoids and potassium. A beautiful readymade fast food!


And finally….yum! Dark chocolate (not milk or white chocolate), eaten in moderation is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly you are unlikely to over indulge on 70% cocoa dark chocolate as it’s very strong and it doesn’t have the sugar content that keeps needing to be topped up as you can get with milk chocolate. Secondly, it stimulates the production of endorphins which give the feeling of pleasure and finally, it tastes lovely. (There are also studies that show that it reduces blood pressure and cholesterol)….

So have fun, stay healthy and life life….well!

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Lisa Cherry, is a Health and Well Being Therapist and a Writer who lives in Oxfordshire in the UK with her two lovely and challenging (in equal measure) teenage children and her rescue dog, Lulu.

She worked with children and their families in Social Services and Education for many years and re-trained in Holistic Health Therapies in 2006. Lisa now focuses her work on women working with the whole person to restore balance and improve a sense of well-being and overall health.

She is often described of as a coffee snob, a chocolate brownie lover, a soup maker, a risk taker, long time sober and of course a friend.

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