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How To Create Powerful Leverage

By: Kristi L. Jackson, Founder of Women CEO Project

Do I have the secret to being in more than one place at one time……. no. But I have learned that there are ways to leverage myself and my business so that, our brand is always represented, we make money even when we’re asleep, and we have partners in place to help us. There are many ways to create leverage that will be unique to your business but here are 3 awesome ways to get you started.

1. Create your Own Products.

Creating your own product that can be sold whether you are working, asleep, or from your website is an excellent way to create leverage and it’s easy! Do you have a system or service that you use in your business that could be packaged up? Can your consulting sessions be made into CDs and sold? Have you considered writing a “ How To” , “ Best Tips to do…..” “ 100 Ways to Do……” book, ebook, or manual? Do you have a few hours a week to create a private consulting stream? Take all of your knowledge, skills, and resources and make a list of ways that you could package, market , and sell them- online.

2. Develop Partnerships.

It’s amazing that some people don’t use this easy technique to grow their database, sell their products, co-market their companies and basically be in more than one place at a time. One of the most important things to consider when approaching someone about partnering up is, are your companies or the type of partnership you want targeting the same client base and are your on a level playing field. Meaning, if you want to co-market a product or service through Twitter, do you have about the same amount of followers? Do they have 30,000 followers to your 2000? If they currently have a much stronger brand than you, what would be their incentive to co-market with you? This isn’t to say that they won’t or shouldn’t, but it’s something to consider when approaching potential partners. A quick checklist before you go out there looking for partners, do you and this potential partner:

• Have a similar target audience but different products and services?
• Have about the same amount of followers, fans, or database? If not, would you be willing to give more to gain the partnership?
• Have you created a win-win marketing deal with your partner? If not, what would make them say yes?
• Have similar goals that you want to reach and is this truly the partnership to help you reach them?

3. Become a Speaker.

Most people get nervous when I say this, but I suggest it to all of my consulting clients and members. Speaking is an awesome way to brand yourself and your company, sell your products and services, grow your database, AND make money. Those are some really great reasons to push past your fear of speaking. This is one of the most effective ways to leverage yourself by creating instant income and growing your business in many areas. You already know your business. You already know what you have to offer and what potential attendees can learn from you, and you already speak daily on your expertise. To become a speaker and get paid for it make sure you do these things:

• Get practice. Join your local Toastmasters and get active.
• Put together a professional speaker’s kit. For an example, click here.
• Consider taking a self-study speaking course like Starr Hall’s here.
• Get started, practice, make your mistake, correct, and perfect your speaking style!

Simply following these 3 tips will get you and your business in front of more people, create strong brand recognition, increase your database AND revenue without burning you out. So start leveraging yourself so you can be in even more places at the same time!

Kristi L. Jackson, Founder of Women CEO Project
Award Winning Humanitarian, Business Consultant, Business Columnist, Publisher , Power Connector, Teacher & Speaker

Publisher of Power Culture Magazine




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4 comments on “How To Create Powerful Leverage

  1. Great suggestions. I like the developing partnerships suggestion – all business is about networking and knowing the right people – and I think developing partnerships is a very good step in that direction.

  2. DEFINITELY Stacy AND Jessica. Partnerships are one of the strongest ways that I have gotten business, connections, sponsors, etc. I LOVE this approach because you can help their company while they help yours. A great book to further expand on this is Never Eat Alone, this is ALL about developing and cultivating relationships and how much further it can get you. So glad this article helped!

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