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How Did We Get Ashton Kutcher’s Dating Video?!

Ladies, we are one of the few, and privileged, sites to get a first release of this, and it looks like Ashton Kutcher finally put himself out there with this dating video. He’s looking for love again…..What do you think?!

I didn’t realize he had so many personalities or that he could do so many impressions. haha!
While the video is being released on YouTube as well, there are only a few sites, like SheNOW, that have access to the behind the scene photos too!

I can’t actually decide which of the personalities I like more.

Darl – the over the top vain diva in love with his dog–> Pupu?! Wait a second….you can’t fool me! That’s Michael Jackson! 😉

Nigel – the introspective hippie. No, we do not want any of your brownies and here is a bottle of shampoo. ha!

Swordfish – Okay, it actually made me LOL when he says his name. Oh! Oh! Pick me! (*raising hand) Yes, I would love to live with you in your double-wide, Mr. Swordfish.

Raj – Definitely the happiest guy on Earth.

Visit to see Ashton’s full profile!

If you HAD to choose one of them, excluding the “real” Ashton, which would you choose?!

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