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Live a Better Life NOW

By: Kelly Sajonia

We all procrastinate. Some more than others, but there is a certain level of putting off unpleasant tasks that we all succumb to in life. It could be as insignificant as cleaning out a closet overflowing with junk. Some might be putting off organizing the storage container drawer in the kitchen with the countless lids missing matching bottoms. Others might be avoiding a work project, knowing it will not be fun to complete.

Procrastination is never a great approach, but it’s not that harmful, right?


Sadly, too many people choose to procrastinate in one essential area: actually living a full life. There are many excuses and well-meaning failed attempts, but it does not change the fact that often people are waiting for something before they allow themselves the opportunity to live.

Some typical excuses:

1) I don’t have the money to travel.

2) I am waiting until the kids are grown.

3) It’s too time-consuming to go back to school.

4) That’s something fun to do when I have a partner.

4 Excuse-Busting Responses:

1) Create a budget for the dream vacation and start saving towards the goal.

2) When you are younger is the best time for adventures, which is NOW.

3) Manage your time better and make it happen.

4) Do it without a partner; you will be surprised at how much fun you can have solo.

Life is to be lived fully each day. Does that mean you take exotic vacations monthly or spend frivolously? Of course not, but it does mean you apply for that dream job, save for a special vacation, start attending events whether you have a partner or not, and work on freeing up time so there is room for whatever you want to do. Yes, there are limitations related to time and money, but if something is made a priority, anything is possible.

Stop waiting for a better time and start living the life you want now.


It’s simple: you are worth it.

Bio: Kelly Sajonia is a writer for many sites, but spends most of her time writing for her award-winning blog Naked Girl in a Dress. Her inspirational blog celebrates rediscovering life and love and any age. Kelly also has a full service social media marketing business, runs a social media site for writers (Studio30 Plus), and occasionally takes a professional photography gig.

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2 comments on “Live a Better Life NOW

  1. Great advice, Kelly! My husband and I were talking about this in light of baseball: because there are 162 games in the season, early-season games are sometimes seen as no big deal. But what if every player played every inning as if it were the bottom of the ninth late in the pennant race? When you end up two games out of a playoff spot, think of two “no big deal” early losses where someone could have played harder but was reserving that energy for a “more important” game. My point (and I do have one, believe it or not) is that what you wrote can be applied to many things. Great post!

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