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Things Get In Your Way Like…

“You wake up one day and think, ‘My life has passed me by.’”

80 year-old Granny G is finally following her dreams to entertain and made her debut on America’s Got Talent. We love this lady for her spunk and attitude, but she also has a deeper and more important SheNOW message for all of you ladies…..

“I caught the entertainment bug when I was a little girl, like four years old. But, then things get in your way like marriage and children, and you wake up one day and think, ‘My life has passed me by.’”

“You wait all your life to do something, and then all of a sudden when you’re eighty, you get to really do it! It would be the fulfillment of all my dreams. I wanna be a star!”

Ladies, don’t wait until your eighty to go after your dreams. Do it now! Don’t let life get in the way….. Live Now. Be Now. SheNOW!!!

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