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10 Tips to Staying Sane and Being Happy

By: Lisa Cherry
Error: Image unable to load.When I talk about ‘Health’ I am referring to the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual elements of ourselves. We are a whole being that works at it’s best when each of our core elements are tended to. We are not just body parts that work independently of each other. To ensure a longevity of wellbeing and to develop a good strong resilience to what life throws at you, all of these areas need to be acknowledged and nurtured from as early in your life as possible.

My book Soul Journey is exactly about the different aspects of ‘recovery’ and how people who move through adversity in their life go on to thrive and see all of their experiences as positive and a gift.

With this in mind, here are my 10 top tips to staying sane as you go through life. There are all sorts of experiences in your twenties that can follow you into your thirties and forties leaving their mark. The aim is that they leave a positive mark from which to grow and develop and learn rather than things that cause unrecoverable distress.

1. Learn about who you are; what you like and what makes you happy. This is vital. Until you know who you are and what makes you tick, you can’t ask for what you need and attract the things in to your life that are right for you.

2. This is your life for you to live in the very best way you can so that you can be the best person you can be. You are not here to fulfil the dreams and lost opportunities of others or satisfy other people’s version of who you are.

3. Working yourself to your bone, because you can, will eventually lead you to ‘burn out’ causing you to suffer from stress and anxiety carrying the burden of an unfulfilled life because you’ve spent every hour working and not enough time nurturing friendships and your own passions.

4. Learn the art of giving for its own sake. When we give unconditionally, the universe somehow sends it all right back to us…in duplicate.

5. Learn something new as often as you can. I want to have the eyes of a surprised and delighted child for as long as I can and that comes from newness of experience.

6. Push yourself out of your comfort zone every day, even if only a little, so that you build up the knowledge and experience that you can do whatever you put your mind to. This is a perfect confidence builder and will enhance your self-esteem.

7. Eat well, sleep well and walk well….every day.

8. Nurture your friendships; always make time for a coffee, a phone catch up or a letter. Women need women….we just do.

9. The areas that provide huge amounts of stress are the three D’s; Death, Divorce and Debt. Marrying the wrong person because you feel pressured to do so or you have bought into the whole idea of fairy tales may have you in a divorce court. Divorce can be so painful, debilitating and stressful that it is best avoided! There are always financial implications in divorce so that’s two of the three D’s before you’ve started.

10. Self-love is the cornerstone to everything. With this, you can climb mountains!




5 comments on “10 Tips to Staying Sane and Being Happy

  1. We need the answer to one question in life – “Why are we here and what is the purpose of our existance?” When we realise that the real purpose of life is to leave the world a better place, we then learn that the only way to do so is to look at the person within and make change from inside out. Love for the self grows manifold at that point, because we need to love ourselves before we can love another and for that matter help another, therefore, helping to leave the world a better place,one person at a time.

    • Thank you for your comment, Kavita! Self-love truly is a powerful and important source for inner and outer happiness. Have you been able to answer your question, “Why are we here and what is the purpose of our existence” yet? What is your answer? Just curious! Keep up with the positive messages, and I look forward to reading more from you.

      • Understanding ‘why am I here’ is the hardest and most complicated question to answer of all. But when we ‘get it’ it seems so straight forward. For me, it is to leave the place in a better way than when I got here, to make a difference and to love and be loved. So Kavita….I wholeheartedly agree with you and the explorations I have undertaken to get to some form of understanding of this, has been interesting, challenging and a pleasure.

        Lisa x

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