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4 Tips to Gain Partners, Business and New Clients

By: Kristi L. Jackson, Founder of Women CEO Project

Feel like you’re wasting time on social media or at networking events only coming home slightly buzzed, a pocket full of cards, but no memorable connections made? Time to change that and get more of a return on your investment- YOUR TIME! Here are 4 tips to POWER up your connections, gain partners, business AND new clients.

1. Smile, start a conversation. Be the first to follow up.

Ever go to a networking event and come home to an email from someone you just met? This is a POWER connecting move and you should be doing it.  First, you must network via live and virtual events, social media, and conference calls. When networking make sure that you listen first- this is VERY important and makes the speaker feel like you really care what they do. Next ask questions….. “What made you get into the Public Relations field”, “What do you think of Pinterest? How are you using it for your business,” etc. Ask detailed questions. THEN……start talking about you. Your new connection will have done most of the talking but will leave thinking of how charming you are. Follow up while they’re feeling warm and fuzzy with an email to immediately set up the next meeting, coffee, or conference call. Or, simply email them a, “You should connect with these 2 people” or, “Do you want to join me at this next event” email. Which brings me to our next tip…..

2. Give before you need something.

You know that friend that calls only when they need something……no? Are you that friend? Anywho, we know how annoying it is to only get a call when a favor is needed, not only is it bad etiquette, it makes the other party feel crummy and used. Become the go to person by reaching out and giving help before you are asked. Send the article that you think you new contacts would enjoy. Send them info on the upcoming conference in their industry. Buy them the book that you just know will help them or their business. Do you know what you’ve just become? You’re not the person who makes my tummy grumble when you call, you’re the person who is uber resourceful and who already has a few tokens with me for helping me first.  This person will probably break their back trying to help you with any reasonable request now.

3. Use Social Media.

I know, I know. But for some, this needs to be said. Ladies, if you are not using social media to reach out and make POWER connections, you are totally missing out.  I know there are tons to pick from – I tell my clients to pick the 3 that they like the most and where they think their ideal client hangs out.

—–>a. Facebook. I’ve found that Facebook is excellent for branding, getting people used to you, your product, and service. It’s also a good way to market an event and get attendees. Download this ebook and use the social media guides in it to set up your Facebook fanpage and twitter pages. Start connecting with the people who like, want, or need your product.

—–>b. Twitter. Ok, I was a little tardy to the party, but Twitter is freaking awesome.  I have found that I can get responses 100% quicker by directly asking to connect rather than using the contact us form on most websites. I have gotten deals, clients, GREAT connections and money.  Yes, money. Now isn’t that a return on investment? The twitter search feature is awesome www.search.twitter.com and the Twitter guide for business can be found here.

—–>c. Linkedin. This site is one of the best for professional connecting. Once you go to an event and collect business cards, connect with them on Linkedin also. Find out what groups they are a member of, read more about their business, and take a look at their portfolio. You can definitely connect on a deeper level if you know lots of information about your new contact. Also, learn how to do advanced, detailed searches on who you need now! Want to learn how to do an advanced search in addition to over 200 other tools, click here to get on the list for the next “Bootstrap Your Biz to Startup”  Webinar.


I cannot stress this one enough. Reach out ladies. This is one of the simplest ways to POWER Connect, but one of the least used.  My clients tell me, I don’t have enough experience, clout, rubbish, rubbish, etc. And the biggie, “Why would they help me”.  Ladies, if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.  Make a list of the people you’d like to reach out to. Then make a list of people you’d like to reach out to if you had steel balls. Now throw away the first list (hehe, it was practice ;). Take this second list, and let’s make a plan to reach them.

How can you reach them? Is Twitter better or Facebook. Is there a contact number on their website?

—–>a. What could you offer them? Do they have an event coming up that you could help them market (remember collecting your tokens before you ask for something)

—–>b. What are some of their interests? You may find that you both love Apple (join the Apple cult, I’m a member 😉 Whatever your common interest may be, you could connect on this level.

—–>c. Need MORE Power Connecting Resources and tips? Click here to join us on our next Powerful Leverage webinar in July.

Also, check out the book “Never Eat Alone”. This is one of the most useful books on the power of connecting and not being afraid.

The most important thing is that you make a list of the BEST people to connect with to move your company and mission forward and also who you can help in the process. Make a plan, then start reaching out and make some POWER moves NOW!

Kristi L. Jackson, Founder of Women CEO Project
Award Winning Humanitarian, Business Consultant, Business Columnist, Publisher , Power Connector, Teacher & Speaker

Publisher of Power Culture Magazine


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