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Charles J. Orlando Interviews SheNOW 6-26-12

We had a fabulous interview with Charles J. Orlando –> relationship expert, social inspirationalist, and author of The Problem with Women…is Men.

Take a few minutes to listen to this super fun interview as we discuss marriage, women’s individuality, society’s pressures and much much more!

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8 comments on “Charles J. Orlando Interviews SheNOW 6-26-12

  1. Regina Lopes Profile photo of

    I listened to the interview and I thought it was great. It actually reminded of the Millionaire Matchmaker’s episodes. Patti Stanger is constantly telling women that if they want men to be interested in them/approach them then they need to get their hair straighten. Excuse me? What basically she is telling women is that we are not accepted the way we are and we need to change ourselves just to please men?
    What’s wrong with curvy/wavy hair? I have curly hair and I have guys approaching me and still have dates (not being cocky, just saying).

    It’s like saying don’t aim for a CEO position so you don’t intimidate men, don’t speak your mind because you are not in a work environment anymore.
    This is totally ridiculous! No wonder most women buy dating books and spend more money trying to look good for others instead of thinking about what will make them happy.

    Am I the only woman who thinks this way?

    • Hey Regina! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m glad you liked the interview and that you agree with our message. I’ve seen a few episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker, and it really makes me sad. She is doing her best to hold back the female movement with her archaic views, and I believe she is actually weakening their self-esteem and their belief in themselves with her words and methods. She is holding them back from finding out who they are and what they want…….As you said, it’s totally ridiculous!

      I promise, you are not the only woman who thinks this way. It’s one of the many reasons I created this website!

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