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How To Kick More A$$ – TwitterChat with The Indie Chicks!

@SheNOW_Org held a great #SheNOWCHAT (TwitterCHAT) on Monday (6/18/12) with The Indie Chicks (@theindiechicks) – an online magazine for passionate, ambitious women craving inspiration, motivation and a community of like-minded chicks.

They gave us Tips and Tricks on How Women Can Kick More Ass. Below you will find excerpts from the interview.




SheNOW: Let’s start with the basics! What is The Indie Chicks?

The Indie Chicks: It’s an online magazine for the bad ass independent woman. Written by women, for women. A whole community! We’re also building it to be a gallery of indie talent and indie merchants.

SheNOW: How did you LADIES come up with the idea?

The Indie Chicks: Well I ditched work one day and went to Chiara’s. We had pizza and ideas just started flowing. We asked ourselves what we felt other women’s mags were missing. I think we filled a whole white board full of brainstorming ideas it was the best day ever! Lol.

SheNOW: You say you’re for the ‘bad ass independent woman’ – why is independence so important?

The Indie Chicks: No matter where you are in life, everything can disappear in the blink of an eye. And you’re left with what? Building the life you want, defining yourself as an individual, pursuing your dreams…. you’re all it takes. And you never know your strength and your value until you do it yourself and you make shit happen the way you’ve always dreamed.

SheNOW: How are the founders independent, kick-ass women?

The Indie Chicks: We’ve been going against the grain since we first met. We both have a burning desire to do more than average. Plus we refuse to take shit from anyone. Lol.

I think every woman has a little something that defines them as ‘Indie’…. for some it’s strength, for others it’s their hobbies, their attitude, their talents, their pasts, their presents and their futures.

SheNOW: Why is inspiration such a big part of your message?

The Indie Chicks: We tend to get wrapped up in our day to day routines, and we forget what matters and what excites us. Inspiration is everything, and what’s more fulfilling in life than knowing you’ve inspired someone. To be inspired is often all that is needed to reignite the fire within, the fire that makes you believe you can make life happen. Inspiration is vital, it helps us move forward when everything is at a standstill.

SheNOW: What inspires you?

The Indie Chicks: This is so cliché, but 2 things: @indiechickrenee inspires me, and my ideal self inspires me. I keep them in mind, and i’m always hungry for more. I’m inspired by anyone who puts themselves out there. @chiarasays just lives and doesn’t worry about judgments.

SheNOW: What is an item on your bucket list?

The Indie Chicks: Top of my list is cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa!! I’ve wanted to do it since I was 11.

SheNOW: What’s an important message you’d like to get through to women everywhere?

The Indie Chicks: You are the most powerful creature walking. Never forget the strength you hold. Walk like a Grecian goddess even in CVS.

Support is vital. When you feel like you can’t see tomorrow clearly, having a strong support system helps. That, without a doubt, you are strong enough to make ANYTHING happen.

SheNOW: What can we expect to see from The Indie Chicks in the coming year?

The Indie Chicks: We’re planning a convention, inspirational speakers, wine, and an indie market. We’re expanding… got 2 new members on our staff, @katsidhe @according2jewls, and we’re collaborating with AMAZING sites like @SheNOW_org. We’re thinking big… and no one can stop us. @SheNOW_org You have such a strong message. We support you 110% and look forward to future collabs!

SheNOW: : Can all women be Indie Chicks?

The Indie Chicks: Well, no. I’d like to say yes, but really, you have to be strong, passionate, and you have to WANT. Anyone with drive and passion is already an Indie Chick. If you have the conviction to live your dreams you’re one of us!

SheNOW: Any general advice for women on how to kick more ass?

The Indie Chicks: Yes! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and go conquer. With confidence, you can take over the world.

Take the word can’t out of your vocabulary. Don’t ever hold back – speak your mind. And if it isn’t available make it yourself. There is always time to be the person you’ve always wanted to be and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. GO BE IT &DO THEM!!


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