3 comments on “Why You Should Travel Young

  1. Powerful words and very well written. I totally, 150% agree. At 18 I spent a month traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific side of Costa Rica, a true learning/growing/maturing experience. Recently my husband and I (married June 16, 2012) got the sudden opportunity to temporarily live in Northern Ireland. It has been the experience of a lifetime. We have traveled all over NI, taking nothing for granted. He is now looking into semi-permanently moving us to Germany, and I’m 200% sure that we will take advantage of easy travel between other countries. All this to say that I hate it when (usually older, married) people ask “what about kids?”…my response…”yeah, what about them?”…or “what about getting your PhD, something you’ve always talked about doing?”…again, my response, “what about it? it’s expensive, it takes YEARS to get a PhD in literature, and I can always decide to go back to school. For now, I think I’ll travel.”

  2. Sissy

    Anyone that doesn’t travel young is an idiot! Take my word for it….every woman will one day wish she had traveled more. Do it….do it now!

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