Superwoman vs. Batman Featured

SuperWoman VS. Batman – What do you think of this picture?

Be careful how you answer this Batman…..

Tell us your thoughts!!! ==>

1) With the discrepancy in pay between men and women still so apparent, why hasn’t it been fixed?

2) What steps, do you think, we can take as women?

3) If you could wave a magic wand and reverse the position….where women would make more money…would you?

10 comments on “SuperWoman VS. Batman – What do you think of this picture?

  1. Vicky

    I will tell you this, it is sad and looks like one way of making the young girls today who like comics who woman are treated.

  2. As a woman that has spent YEARS in a man’s field the biggest brick wall I have encountered is men think as women we won’t focus on “work” we want to focus on our families and will perform our job duties merely as a side job. I have news for you fellas! We are more well balanced in juggling all those parts than you could ever dream of being, and maybe we don’t approach a problem the way you do or solve it the same but it gets solved and usually with more flair and style.

    It isn’t a man’s fault. He is genetically predisposed to making mistakes as testosterone gets in the way of logical thought!

    • LOVE this comment Sweety!!!! Thank you so much for this great point of view and interesting perspective on men’s thoughts….especially in a male dominated industry. Is it okay to justify it by saying they don’t know any better? Nope…. Let’s join together and SHOW them how awesome we women can be! Keep on kickin’ butt, and we look forward to more great comments from you!

      • My sense of humor is hard to relate to in written form sometimes. As a woman of the south there is a way of giving men a hard time in a jovial manner telling them they don’t know any better. It wasn’t meant to say that they are actually not intelligent enough to know better. Sorry about that.

        There are plenty of men that know women have value and are amazing at their jobs I think what happens is that they fall into a pack mentality and go with the “jock” type behaviors. individually men can be very understanding and reasonable, as a pack they tend to loose some of that. Kind of like the statement individuals are smart people are stupid.

  3. Vanessa

    There are whole essays that could be written about how these statistics are compiled but, essentially, a woman’s earnings are significally impacted by the responsibilities she faces not only for caring for children but also for elder care. Women are less likely to carry disability insurance and can have their “female” ailments held against them. Finally, I suspect that women are encouraged to volunteer and intern (for free) as a way to get ahead, while men are encouraged to compete, to be cutthroat, to go after promotions. A women with no support who has elderly parents (or in laws) to care for isn’t going to have the time and resources to schmooze her way at events designed for networking into a promotion. Better social services that give women and men the support they need for family care can significantly help.

  4. 1. Until we force the issue, it will remain as it is. We are the ones who have to rock the boat. No one’s going to do it for us.
    2. Educate yourselves. Position yourself to be the best person for the job. If it won’t happen where you are at, you can make it happen elsewhere. Other women are stepping up and making others take notice. Make yourself invaluable. Have a voice. Work with and join strong women’s organizations to make yourselves heard.
    3. My wand would not wave for role reversal. Let’s just tip the scales a little so it is a healthy balance and neither sex slides off the end.

    Maybe Wonder Woman is working at a lower rate because the other guys organized themselves into a “league.” Wonder Woman needs to get her act together and get “A League of Her Own.” She could leave them sucking dust as she speeds right on by them. In the end, it could be them knocking on her door saying,” We only get paid 70% of what you’re making . . . “

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