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Inspiration and Advice From Women To YOU

@SheNOW_Org held a great #SheNOWCHAT (TwitterCHAT) on Monday (8/20/12) with  GYC Girl YOU Crazy (@GYCGirlYOUCrazy) – GYC Reminds and Inspires YOU to live out dreams. They want you to start, finish, and accomplish them with a smile!

They interviewed some super-fabulous females who helped us Inspire Ourselves and Younger Generations. It was a struggle to narrow down the amazing advice so check out #SheNOWCHAT for even more great quotes! Below you will find excerpts from the interview.


GYC: What do you wish you knew before starting College/Secondary School and/or your first job?

* That you can change your mind! Finding what you are meant to and want to do is not an overnight process. ~ @SandySidhu

* Find a really great mentor. Ask good questions. Don’t take no for an answer. ~ @JulesTaggart

* That my parents aren’t the ones in school. I need to do what I want and not let their disapproval affect me. ~ @laureneverafter

* I wish I had known to follow my heart and play to my strengths. I hate blood and love to write, but was in pre-med! ~ @thewrabbithole

* That I could go into any field of my choice. It gets harder as you add family and bills to the equation. ~ @BabyFeva

* I wish I knew / believed that I could do anything, instead of listening to the naysayers. ~ @janineripper

* I wish I wouldn’t have cared so much about what other people thought of me. ~ @Kalinder

* Your parent’s destiny may not necessarily mean your destiny so figure out what YOU want to do. ~ @JamieGall1930

GYC: What did you think you lacked in achieving your dream/goal but realized you had all along?

* Confidence in myself. ~ @crazedmom

* I lacked confidence that it was good enough. Truth is it only needed to be good enough for me. ~ @MHutchess

* You can learn a lot as you go/do. You don’t have to wait to know everything (impossible :)) ~ @KickstartKitchn

* I didn’t believe I could really live the life of my dreams. At some point I just started believing and acting on it. ~ @SLWrites

* Perseverance. College taught me I CAN meet seemingly impossible goals. ~ @laureneverafter


GYC: What do you know for sure about the path you took, to be where you are today (goal-setting)?

* So much of being an entrepreneur is trial by fire! ~ @gogirlonline

* There may be a few wrong turns, but don’t let that stop you from headed where you’re supposed to be going. ~ @JamieGall1930

* I went through every door that was opened, and some I had to open myself. That’s what got me here today. ~ @MHutchess

* I agreed to take on more responsibility than I was ready for, but it really helped me and turned out great. ~ @Kalinder

* No one else will believe it until YOU believe it. ~ @thetravelmom

* Learned that I could never have gotten where I was without every step before, even if I didn’t always like the trip. ~ @Kthoughts4food

* If it really matters you’ll do it without being prodded. If you have to make yourself do it – STOP immediately and switch. ~ @KickstartKitchn

* That the path can change – & you have a choice! It’s ok to change goals. Sometimes they bring other amazing opportunities! ~ @Janineripper


GYC: What advice would you give a young woman who is feeling pressure to take a different path than the one she wants to follow?

* I felt guilty about moving on from my job. We shouldn’t feel guilty about our dreams. ~ @SLWrites

* FOLLOW YOUR GUT!!! ~ @gogirlonline

* “Live to make a change in some else’s life!” ~ @ProjectCEOinc

* No one gets to tell you who you want to be when you grow up. Do what’s in YOUR heart. @shop_prisappeal

* Wisdom! Wisdom! Diamonds are formed from pressure! ~ @harvey_glenda

* Do what makes you happy, but might be helpful to find out what’s behind the pressure – may find a way to turn it to support. ~ @KrystinaFeucht

* Surrender to what you really want right now. You’re going to do it eventually anyway. Life is short. @JulesTaggart

* Find something YOU want to do & figure out a way to make a living doing it. ~ @thetravelmom


GYC: Besides writing them down, what advice do you have about turning ideas into reality?

* Talk about them to anyone who will listen. Talk until you’re sick of talking. Talk, talk, talk! You learn so much that way. ~ @Gogirlonline

* Get your butt off that bed and do it. Even if you are afraid. That is why you need a support group. Don’t talk yourself out of doing what you want. Most of them time we do it because we are afraid. ~ @jstarr09

* Break them down into small steps. Identify which ideas you can act on, need help with or can save for later. ~ @SandySidhu

* Plan well, practice and execute. Don’t second guess your decisions. Go with your gut. ~ @GirlfriendGroup

* Break it down into actionable bites…no matter how small! And just KEEP TAKING ACTION. Don’t give up if you love it. ~ @KickstartKitchen

* Visualize what it is or set a reward at a certain stage ~ @crazedmom

* Take a practical action daily; no matter how small. ~ @harvey_glenda

* Join a mastermind or find an accountability partner (different from a mentor). ~ @JulesTaggart

* Get a support group for accountability and to bounce ideas. Take action. Find someone who has done it to get a place to start. ~ @KrystinaFeucht


GYC: When looking back, what phrases/quotes guided you through pressuring moments?

* No one’s accountable for your life but you. You’re the one who has to live with it. ~ @laureneverafter

* VISION BOARD! And lots of prayer! Walk in faith knowing that this is something you were born to do! ~ @ProjectCEOinc

* 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do ~ Mark Twain ~ @Krystina Feucht

* Greatness is in us all, some just open our gifts a little earlier than others! ~ @shop_prisappeal

* “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit” ~ Artistotle. Be excellent in all you do. ~ @ProjectCEOinc

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