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Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

“Make sure you’re ready for the upcoming season by having a few of these staple looks in your closet.”

By: Courtney Houston
With September and Fashion Week officially here, it is safe to say that Fall is right around the corner. While temperatures may have you questioning the season, before you know it, it will be time to put away the flip flops and pull out our favorite boots! Make sure you’re ready for the upcoming season by having a few of these staple looks in your closet.

1. Cozy, oversized sweater

Also called the boyfriend sweater, these cute tops are great for cooler temperatures without having to do too much layering! Worn in combo with leggings, skirts, and even boyfriend jeans, the comfy sweater can be dressed up or down. A great place to find this look for less: the thrift store! There’s always an abundance of large size sweater found at these discount shops, and with a little searching you can found the one made just for you!

2. Decorated, statement collars

While this look first popped up in the Summer, it is definitely transitioning to the fall. Great ways to spice up a solid blouse, collars are great compliments to a simple outfit, and take the place of needing a necklace.

And, while some tops come with spunky collars attached, collars are also available as stand alone pieces that can be mixed and matched them with a scoop neck shirt of your choice. Can’t find one that fits your style perfectly? Collars can be a great D.I.Y project – add your own studs or embroidery to truly make this trend one of a kind!

3. Wide brim hats

Take a lesson from our style sisters of the 1970′s and top off your outfit with a hat! This upcoming season, wide brim hats are taking over, adding a sultry, sophisticated feel to everyday looks. Seen in many current fashion ad campaigns and runway shows, these hats can be worn in classic black, or with a twist in colors like navy & burgundy, which are also popular this season. Most importantly, they can keep you warm & cover a bad hair day, all while looking stylish.

4. Military style jackets & coats

Salute our troops in style this Fall. Military inspired outerwear is popular this season, adding an edgy flare to an ordinary look. Whether you choose to rock the look in trench coat or cropped jacket style, don’t forget to add military styled accessories. Aviator sunglasses and cargo pants are great options!

5. Leather bottoms

While the idea of wearing leather skirts and pants may sound a little risqué, there is totally a way to pull this look off without channeling your inner dominatrix (unless that’s your goal!). Instead of imagining tight, biker leather, instead picture form enhancing, free flowing leather that adds style to any look. Worn with comfy sweaters, tights and boots during the Fall, leather can actually sophisticate a look and be worn from the office to an event.


6. Printed pants

Busy bottoms are a #1 staple in the Fall of 2012. Slim, patterned pants or leggings are a great way to add some fun to your outfit without doing too much. Paired with a solid top, simple shoes, and/or a blazer or cardigan, these eye-catching pants are great for casual yet dressy settings & events. A popular place to buy them for less: H&M!

7. Boots!

Boots will always be great for the fall, no matter what year! However, you can add a twist to the classic shoe by wearing any of the many different styles of boots available. Usually wear a flat, knee high boot? Try an ankle boot this time around with a low heel! Want something new altogether? Try a high heeled lace up boot that goes with just about anything!

However you chose to style these looks, make them your own! Pair them with whatever makes you feel best in order to start Fall 2012 off right!

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