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Avoid the Creeps with a Second Mobile Number!

I was in the library studying for my mid-terms when I received, what seemed like, the 347th text message from the guy I met at the bar last weekend. Really? Can you not take a hint that I haven’t been responding?


It all started when Mr. Will Not Be Named offered to buy me a drink. It seemed harmless enough, and he was actually pretty cute. We hung out throughout the night, and at Bar Time, he asked for my number. Enter awkward silence here…..

He was fun to hang with for a while, but I wasn’t interested in anything more. As girls, we often feel obligated to give our numbers out to a guy that seems interested, or buys us a drink, or even gets a cab for us. Tit-for-Tat kind of deal. It was definitely a Palm To The Forehead moment, and I was wishing I hadn’t forgotten to set up MyAKA number!!!

MyAKA is a fabulous new service that ALLLLL women need to check out. It is an alias number that you can give to would-be-suitors while protecting the privacy of your personal phone number. When they call the number, they are sent to your phone, but they have no way to see what your actual/real phone number is!

The second number is in the users local area code, allowing two mobile numbers on one phone. And, it provides real number protection on incoming and outgoing calls unlike forwarding services. It also has full voice and text message support in the United States and Canada. Wahoo!

Now, you might say, “Well, they can still harass us via this second number, right?” Wrong! MyAKA has easy number blocking and unblocking and a Do Not Disturb feature which sends calls to voicemail and stores text messages when enabled. There are no apps, downloads or internet required, and all features are controlled via text message. So easy!

You don’t have to worry about your privacy either because the assigned number is not linked to user information in any way.

This is such a fabulous new idea, that SheNOW has partnered with MyAKA to offer a 7 Day FREE Trial with no payment information required for SheNOW Members!

A 7 Day FREE Trial?! What’s the catch? None. With this special offer for our readers you can enjoy seven worry-free days of flirting with MyAKA, without even entering your credit card! And when you decide to keep the service, you can upgrade your number in two easy steps at the MyAKA site.  It’s as simple as that to date safely this fall.  Signup today for a fun second mobile number with no-strings-attached.


3 comments on “Avoid the Creeps with a Second Mobile Number!

  1. Jessica Richards

    Sounds good… I remember back in the day when there was a phone number you could give out and the recording told them u weren’t interested….haha!

  2. Helena

    This is AMAZING! I’m always so worried about giving my phone number out to men I meet on online dating sites due to privacy issues. I could totally be missing out on Mr. Right by doing so. This kind of solves my problem, doesn’t it? Wish I had known about this sooner! And I love that you don’t have to give credit card info to sign up. I HATE getting stuck with charges when doing free trials.

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