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What to Wear on a Date to the Carnival/Fair

Best Fall Festival Clothes of the Season! Be comfy and cute whether you’re riding the ferris wheel on a date or eating funnel cake with the girls!

By: Courtney Houston

When the smell of foods like deep fried Oreos & cotton candy fill the air, that only means one thing: the Fair is in town! If you are planning to visit as a date with your significant other or a few friends, here are a few options of what you can wear to make your trip enjoyable and stylish.


Whether you are planning on riding every ferris wheel and roller coaster, or deciding to keep your feet safely planted to the ground, wearing a snazzy accessory on top of your head is definitely an option to consider!

—>A Cool Hat:

These stylish hats give flair to any outfit! With a snug fit, it’s unlikely that you would lose it while enjoying a Carnival ride!

—>A Decorated Headband:

If you are not in the mood to wear a hat, try a headband! These accessories are fun, cute and can instantly enhance your hairstyle.

Up Top

With the first day of Fall kicking off September 22nd of this year, more than likely the climate in your town has begun to get quite chilly during nightfall. These tops can help you regulate your personal temperature!

—>A Casual Cardigan:

Use a cardigan as a statement or layering piece! Dress up a toned down outfit with a wild print cardigan or visa versa!

—>A Cosby Inspired Sweater:

Instead of hiding behind a bulky jacket or coat, wear a thick sweater while exploring the sites at the Fair. Choose an eye popping design or print to create the focal point of your outfit!

Down Below

Keep it simple when picking a bottom to wear to the carnival. While skirts are not out of the question, you definitely want to keep in mind the climbing you may have to do and the walking you will have to endure!

—>Casual Jeans, Pants, & Skirts:

All three of these options offer the flexibility of being comfortable, cute, and looking well put together. Either could be paired with your choice of top to complete a fabulous look!

Dress It Up

Dresses are not out of the equation for Fair attire. While it’s not suggested that you wear a clubbing inspired dress to view a 6-legged goat at the Carnival, there are other great choices!

Just For Kicks

Finish your look off right by paring the right shoes with your outfit! Remember that sandals and flip flops may not be the best option because of the chance of muddy fairgrounds (and cold weather)- so cute sneakers, boots, and flats are a great go-to!

Other Accessories You May Like


There you have it! Mix and match these options to create your favorite look that matches your personal style! When you are at the Carnival, be sure to enjoy the fatty foods and worry about working it off later! The Fair only comes to town once a year!

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