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SheNOW Charity Fundraiser a Success!

After a night of wonder, excitement, prizes and contests – The Dallas SheNOW Chapter held a wildly successful fundraiser for our SheNOW Women’s Charity, and we are so grateful for all of their hard work, dedication and commitment to our cause.

Did you miss the event? You can still help by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation here:

Gifts to SheNOW Women’s Charity, (a Texas 501(c)3 organization), are put to work to build curriculum, internships, scholarships, mentoring programs, educational courses and job shadowing options to teach these young women self-worth, life-skills and college readiness. Follow SheNOW!



2 comments on “SheNOW Charity Fundraiser a Success!

  1. Emily

    Hello! I was at your event, and yes…it was a success! Thanks for posting the video, and I can’t wait to go again next year. Do you think you’ll do it again?

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