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5 Steps to Home Makeover Success

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One of my favorite design quotes is: “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.”  (Coco Chanel)

This isn’t a terribly profound quote, but it does make you think.  Let’s face it – deep down we all know this is true, but do we practice it?  It is important that your home reflects YOU, whether you live in a 250 square foot tiny house, a basement apartment or a mega mansion.  Home is where the heart is, and you should love where you live.  People pay big money for interior designers because they are afraid that they can’t put a look together themselves.  Well, guess again.  I’m here to tell you that you CAN make your home reflect your personal style, and you don’t have to do a huge renovation to do so.

When first considering a project, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed.  The best thing to do is break it down to make it more manageable.

1) Decide what room needs a facelift.1 Decide what room needs a facelift - Style Desk blog post


Is entertaining your girlfriends on the weekend your top priority?  If so, focus on the kitchen!  You’ll have your space ready for margaritas and poker in no time!

Do you need to tackle the day head on, and be full of energy in the morning?  Give your bathroom the extra love it deserves.  Soon you will be powering through your morning meetings reenergized and prepared to dominate.

Do you long for an oasis to turn to at the end of an exhausting day?  Make a cozy and inviting living room higher on your to do list.   Before you know it, you’ll be the envy of the neighbors.

What’s most important to you?   Once you figure that out, you’ll know where to start.

2) Find inspiration.

2 Find Inspriation - Style Desk Blog PostInspiration surrounds us, not only on the internet but in our  daily lives as well. When you are flipping through a magazine  or scrolling through Pinterest, take notice of what it is that is  attractive to you.

Collect images that you love, and be more aware of your  surroundings.  Have you always loved your friend’s place, or a  specific hotel that you’ve stayed in?  Snap a photo.

You don’t need to know why you like something, only that you  do.  Even though your space may not look like the room in the  picture, it doesn’t mean that it can’t feel like it.

This bathroom is gorgeous, right?  Perhaps you have a wood  vanity, your toilet is in  a different spot, you can’t afford to rip  up the floor tile and your walls are purple.  It  doesn’t matter!

You don’t need to spend big bucks to get your bathroom to  feel  like this.

3) Determine the main elements of your inspiration.

In the photo, the white and light gray finishes make this tiny room feel larger.  Light colors reflect light, giving the illusion that you have more space than you do.

The piece in this image that pulls the focus is the vanity.  It anchors the space, since everything else is light and washed out.  The bold contrast of the vanity jumps out and catches the eye.   The gray tone is pulled directly from the colors in the marble, tying everything together seamlessly.

This room is neutral with pops of colors.   Everything is essentially white, with a few pieces of flair.  Grab a decorative item that is meaningful to you – perhaps a photo that you took during your time abroad, a piece of art that your grandma painted in high school, a vase that you splurged on when you traveled to Venice.  Whatever it is, determine the muse that you’d like to use as a basis for accents in your room.  You can pull colors from this décor into other areas of the room, like the towels, flowers, rug and art.

This particular room exudes subtle glam and femininity, without being too flashy.  How can you achieve that?  Polished chrome fixtures, new cabinetry hardware, an understated mirror, and precisely placed decorative pieces.  New hardware on the vanity is like adding jewelry to your outfit – it can freshen up the look without being overpowering.

4) Next steps.

When looking at the inspiration image that epitomizes what you want for your space, don’t get wrapped up in the literal.  If you do, you may want to rip everything out of your bathroom and start from scratch, but that usually isn’t an option.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this look, without breaking the bank:

  • 4 Next Steps - Style Desk Blog PostFirst and foremost, paint your vanity. The vanity is the star of the show in this photo, and due to its bold contrast in an otherwise monochromatic room, the drama is exactly what this space needs.
  • Marble wall tile would definitely be a splurge. However, the effect that this half wall of tiles has is that it creates visual interest and it adds a new texture into the space.  If you can’t afford the marble, you can still get the same feel with a white subway tile, a light gray grout and a marble trim piece to finish it off.
  • To get this look, definitely change out your fixtures! The cabinetry hardware, the accessories and the faucet should be a polished nickel.  This adds the perfect amount of bling to your room without being too loud.
  • Paint your walls white. People often assume that paint is the easiest thing to change, and therefore try to add color to their walls.  In this instance, the room is all white with a small amount of gray, and all of the color is in the removable decorative pieces.
  • Oftentimes people neglect the bathroom when it comes to décor and art; if you’re looking for a fresh place that inspires you in the morning, what better area to place purposefully curated style selections?

5) Need more help? 

Lowes-StyleDesk-Stacked-Color (advert)Lowe’s Style Desk is there to help you create a vision for your space, and give you clear guidance on how to execute the next steps of your project.  Free 30 minute consultations are available at select stores, and a Stylist will help you bring your vision to life.  What’s the catch?  Absolutely nothing.  Lowe’s has heard the cries of their customers and has responded:  people value second opinions and appreciate advice from Style professionals.  We’re here to help you.  It’s that simple.

Visist to see if a Stylist is close to you.





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