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2017 SheNOW Retreat Guest Speakers

Your Retreat Speakers are Ready to Guide Your Transformation!



for-webDid you accomplish all that you wanted to in 2016? What is holding you back from being, doing and accomplishing all of your goals and dreams?

I’ve spent the last three years helping women individually, and collectively, transform their fears, doubts and self-talk into positive forward moving motion towards change. Through our progressive speakers, thought leaders and experts, we challenge you to new thinking.

No matter what your answer was to the question above, img_6217the truth is that it is our own excuses and objections that keep us tied to our current situation. At the SheNOW retreat, you will look at yourself, make decisions, move on and let go. You will leave here with the tools to remove self-doubt and limiting behaviors as you take control and step into your power. We want to help you build an unshakable foundation from which to grow your inner-self, to embrace your abundance and to enhance your drive to live an extraordinary life. Each day we will empower you to step into your being for 2017 and beyond.

During our 3 day event, you’ll meet my amazing team of professionals as they guide you through breakout sessions and activities. The following ladies are here to strengthen your mind, spirit and body….supporting and building the holy trinity that is you.

zumba-cover-pic-karolyn-ryanYour Morning Motivation and Zumba Goddess: Karolyn Ryan!

Karolyn discovered her love of Zumba 8 years ago while living in spicy hot, Latin-inspired Miami, and brought her passion back to New York where she incorporated NY swag and urban flair. She fell in love with Zumba because it was a space where she could be free and just be herself. In her class, the only rule is to ignite that fire, creativity, and bada**ery that is YOU!

You’ll be seeing Karolyn each morning as we wake-up, refresh and get ready to take on the day!


lauren-head-shot-cropped-june-2016Your Personal Productivity Expert: Lauren Midgley

Lauren Midgley, a business strategist, best selling author and powerhouse professional speaker, started her company Courage to Succeed Consulting in 2010, after a 25 year career with two Fortune 500 companies. She is a long-time observer and “study-er” of why some people are successful and others are not. Productivity plays a huge part.

She has a MBA and Marketing degree, is a Toastmaster and serves as a Board Member of the local North Texas National Speaker Association.

She focuses on the topic of personal productivity and how it impacts lives. She has written three books and has spoken to groups nationally. Lauren is known for helping people get further, faster.

Her recently released her third book became an Amazon best seller: It’s 6 a.m and I’m Already Behind – Strategies to Get Caught Up.

Lauren lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area, a single mom with two kids in college and thrives on being a “connector”.
lauren-bookContact information:
Phone: 817-965-4244
Twitter: 1LaurenMidgley
YouTube: LaurenMidgley



Your Get Out of Jail Free Guide:  Landmark Forums International

You are invited to redefine what’s possible in your relationships, your work, your family, your communities and in what matters to you most.  Guided by Landmark Forums internationally recognized trainers, experience each day as new and unique, free from constraints and limits of the past, full of possibility, expression, and aliveness; with the freedom to make a difference for yourself and others. Just bring your life, and a project, issue, or relationship you would like to take to the next level.


You wanted her back after last year – so you got her! Same awesome speaker – NEW Topic!  Your Legacy Planning Guru:  Cindy Arledge!

Cindy Arledge, MBA is a #1 best-selling author, founder of the Legacy Family Revolution™, and visionary leader of the Legacy Family Planning Association™.  Legacy Family Planning fills in the missing piece in traditional estate plans and can prevent up to 85% of future inheritance failures when added.  Cindy’s passion to protect families was born out of the pain she experienced after her parents passed away eight months apart.

Cindy is committed to disrupting traditional estate planning by introducing these value centered planning tools.  Legacy Family Planning is the secret weapon of successful wealth transfer and has been used by ultra-high-net-worth families to transfer their wealth for generations, an option previously unavailable to families of lesser wealth.

Cindy’s most recent book, Cur$e of Inheritance, is a #1 Best Seller and provides the truth behind wealth transfers.  Her next book, The Legacy Family Way, provides the solution and will be available in time for the holidays.

Legacy Family Revolution
Cindy Arledge
5100 Eldorado Parkway, Suite, 102-703
McKinney, TX 78006


Your Transformation Coach and Connector Extraordinaire: Sarah Rhew

Sarah Rhew is an entrepreneur, leadership trainer, transformation coach, NPC bikini competitor, emergency room nurse, blogger and a single mom. Her heart beats for service and she is on a mission to bring families together, teach people how to design a dream life and wake up society! She is passionate about helping people connect with their purpose and transform their bodies, empower their minds, achieve financial independence and fall madly in love with their life.


With More to Come!  Check Back Soon to
See Who We Add to the Program!

Forthcoming topics:  Self-Love, Dating Yourself Regardless of Your Relationship Status, and Other Self-Development and Professional Topics.  Get Excited!

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