About SheNOW

SheNOW is a community aimed at developing women of all ages into professional, financially independent, strong, whole and happy individuals. We strengthen women and encourage them to reach certain milestones in the following four areas:

Self-Development – Through Leadership, Financial Literacy and Self-Discovery Tracks
Service – Through Non-Profit Fundraising, Community Service and other Volunteer Projects
Sisterhood – Through Assigned Soul Sisters & Attending Events, Activities, Partnerships and Collaborations
Sass! – Through Changing Feminine Stereotypes, Supporting and Energizing Each Other, Pushing Back on Societal Expectations, and By Changing The Way The World Sees Us!

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When it comes to marriage, we say, “What’s the Rush?!”TM

SheNOW is a community that believes young women should live their own lives first.

Our members range in age from the “Up and Comers” to the “Been There, and Done That,” and we made this site to share the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ on going out, living it up, and following your dreams. We help each other succeed in personal and professional situations by breaking stereotypes and rejecting societal pressures through support, love, and advice.


The SheNOW Family Believes:

We believe that wedding bells can ring when, and IF, we want them to and that women should use their twenties for self-discovery and adventure.

Our focus is on providing counsel and guidance on the choice to pursue our careers and passions now.  We are not an anti-marriage or anti-man site, but a PRO-WOMAN advocate and support source. It is not our place to say whether women should or shouldn’t get married, or whether they should date a man or a woman. We are just saying that women should walk, and not run, to that decision.

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“We were given life not with the goal of weddings and procreation, but with the goal to accomplish our dreams, see the world, have adventures, and to embrace all the wonders our one life has to offer.”

As women, our paths are no longer restricted to birth, adolescence, college, jumping the broomstick, and having children. No, our sisters and foregoing fellow females have paved a new road for us…

Marriage and children are no longer the predestined next step to womanhood.  Now, they’re not a requirement at all.

The Birth of SheNOW

SheNOW was founded by a woman who felt pressure from society and family, hearing the usual inquiries:

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  • ‘Why aren’t you married yet?’
  • ‘What’s taking so long? I want grandchildren.’
  • ‘Don’t you know your clock is going to tick its last tock!’

Her reply, and our Mantra: What’s the Rush?!TM

Meet our Founder Here

Benefits for Our Members

SheNOW members work together to support each other’s businesses, futures, and lives. We believe in the power of the female spirit, and when joined together, we are unstoppable!

Join the SheNOW network today!


One comment on “About SheNOW

  1. Juanita

    I am soooo glad I found this site! Why don’t people understand that happiness does not have to equal marriage. It’s awesome to know I’m not the only one out there. Thank you!

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