About SheNOW

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What is SheNOW?

SheNOW is a community aimed at developing women into professional, financially independent, strong, whole and happy individuals. Learn more about our Non-Profit, SheNOW Women’s Charity, HERE!

Through Local Chapters and our Online Community, we strengthen women and encourage them to reach certain milestones in the following four areas:

Self-Development – Through Leadership, Financial Literacy and Self-Discovery Tracks
Service – Through Non-Profit Fundraising, Community Service and other Volunteer Projects
Sisterhood – Through Assigned Soul Sisters & Attending Events, Activities, Partnerships and Collaborations
Sass! – Through Changing Feminine Stereotypes, Supporting and Energizing Each Other, Pushing Back on Societal Expectations, and By Changing The Way The World Sees Us!

We are also a community that believes young women should live their own lives first.

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It is imperative for a woman’s future, happiness and life that she spends a bit of her early years focusing inward.

We want women to take the time to:

– Establish a career, support themselves (on their own) and gain an understanding finances. As our founder, Brenna Smith, says, “A man is NOT a financial plan.”
– Discover themselves and their passions. No longer are they the same person they were when they were 16 or 18 or 22. They will continue to grow, and we want to guide them through the areas above while teaching them Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and worth.
– Accomplish Bucket List items.
– Live alone for a few years.
– Move to a different city.
– Travel the world.
– Take classes.
– Etc!

Who Are We?

The SheNOW community includes women just like you, and we are here to address the important aspects of your life – work issues, career, familial and societal expectations, health, love/relationships, fashion, beauty, dating, feminine stereotypes, higher education, financial literacy, healthcare, you name it! We know that success and happiness is not based on relationships status, but rather on our minds, soul and hard work.

When it comes to our SheNOW sisters, we choose to support and not tear down, we embrace and don’t exclude and, together, we inspire and achieve.

Our members range in age from the “Up and Comers” to the “Been There, and Done That,” and we made this site to share the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ on going out, living it up, and following your dreams. We help each other succeed in personal and professional situations by breaking stereotypes and rejecting societal pressures through support, love, and advice.

Our focus is on providing counsel and guidance on the choice to pursue our careers and passions now.  We are not an anti-marriage or anti-man site, but a PRO-WOMAN advocate and support source.

“What scares you the most? Never knowing what your life could be like…. or knowing where you’ll end up if you stay on your current path.” ~ Brenna Smith (Founder of SheNOW)
It’s your life, your dreams and your story. Choose your path carefully. Join us!

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Meet our Founder

Benefits for Our Members

SheNOW members work together to support each other’s businesses, futures, and lives. We believe in the power of the female spirit, and when joined together, we are unstoppable!

Join the SheNOW network today!


6 comments on “About SheNOW

  1. Juanita

    I am soooo glad I found this site! Why don’t people understand that happiness does not have to equal marriage. It’s awesome to know I’m not the only one out there. Thank you!

  2. Bethany Wise

    Your retreat looks awesome, and I’m sad I won’t make it this year. Please email me information for 2017 as soon as it is available!

    • Hey Bethany! The retreat was a huge success, filled with lots of transformation, sisterhood and fun time! We’ll be doing a flash sale in the next week on Facebook for the 2017 retreat…..keep an eye out for it!

    • Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us, and YES we will be opening SheNOW clubs abroad as soon as we can. It might be a bit until we can get to you, but we’ll hurry. Please email us at Info@shenow.org, and let us know where you are, your contact info, etc.

  3. Charlie

    Ladies – GREAT event last night!!! I didn’t know much about SheNOW and went to the masquerade with a friend. I think what you’re doing for young women is amazing, and I look forward to seeing you positively impact the Dallas community.

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