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3 best friends iStock_000003578589Small[1]SheNOW is a community aimed at developing women of all ages into professional, financially independent, strong, whole and happy individuals.  We strengthen women and encourage them to reach certain milestones in the following four areas:

  • Self-Development – Through Leadership, Financial Literacy and Self-Discovery Tracks
  • Service – Through Non-Profit Fundraising, Community Service and other Volunteer Projects
  • Sisterhood – Through Assigned Soul Sisters & Attending Events, Activities, Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Sass! – Through Changing Feminine Stereotypes, Supporting and Energizing Each Other, Pushing Back on Societal Expectations, and By Changing The Way The World Sees Us!

We are opening SheNOW Chapters throughout the U.S. and beyond! We’re changing lives, and we want YOU to join us in the fun.

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For more information, or to open a Chapter in your area, send an email to info@shenow.org

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EpicFri_04“Before I even truly grasped the SheNOW vision I believed in it. All I knew is that the organization empowered women and supported them in independence & confidence during their life journey. Not standing for anti-marriage but supporting women growing into who they are and letting it happen organically instead of being the next thing to accomplish on a checklist. When I joined the organization officially Jan 2014 I saw the deeper opportunities that SheNOW offers to women all across the world. Sisterhood is number one! The relationships you gain in this group are unlike any other. Self -evelopment which is so important because most women have a very limited belief in themselves. SheNOW helps women discover their gifts & purpose in life and then nurtures those as they turn into passions. Service, I love love love that we give back! Serving others is such a growing experience on so many levels and there are so many opportunities to do that with this organization. And lastly, sass! One of my favs because as you watch these women on their journey stepping into their power, peeling the layers of masks that we as women wear every single day and own their independence and confidence this radiant woman appears and once a year we have the pleasure of voting one into the sass category. This organization is a vehicle to help women own their lives on so many levels and I am so proud to be a part of the SheNOW movement!” ~ Sarah Rhew  SheNOW Dallas Chapter




IMG_1534“At the end of 2013, I made a personal decision that it was time to start living life for myself and improve on it in all areas; it was time to work on ME. With that in mind, I decided to attend a meeting that I saw on MeetUp.com which just seemed like a bunch of women getting together to have a nice evening. After all, what better way to start living life than by networking and meeting new people, right? Boy, was I wrong! Before the end of my first SheNOW meeting, I quickly realized that this group of women shared the same goals as I did, and they were not meeting just “to have a good time.” Since officially joining SheNOW in February 2014, my outlook on life has changed. Gone are the days where I would come up with a random idea then laid it to rest. Now, I take action to make this idea a reality. I now have a detailed four year plan to reach my career goals with established due dates. I now have bucket list items, and I’m very excited to accomplish each one of them. I have soul sisters that keep me in check and make sure that I’m accomplishing my goals, and it has allowed me to also form great friendships. I have realized the strength of female empowerment and working together to help each other realize their dreams. We can have many hopes for ourselves, but without the right support system, we tend to lose sight of things. I love the fact that I’m surrounded by positive-thinking women that hold me accountable for my life, and I would encourage all women looking to get more out of their lives to join SheNOW.” ~ Janell Sheppard #SheNOW Dallas Chapter

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