Benefits of Membership

SheNOW Membership Benefits!!! 

As a member of SheNOW, you will be integrated into an online, and in-person, community aimed at Self-Development, Sisterhood, Service and Sass!

Join us to create new friendships at our fun, exciting monthly events that range from happy hours to bucket list items like sky-diving.  The SheNOW community includes women just like you, and we are here to address the important aspects of your life – work issues, career, familial and societal expectations, health, love/sex, fashion, beauty, dating, feminine stereotypes, higher education, financial literacy, healthcare, you name it!  We’re here to strengthen each other to become financially secure, happy and independent, complete and whole individuals.  We know that success is not based on relationships status, but rather on our minds, soul and hard work.

When it comes to our SheNOW sisters, we choose to support and not tear down.  We embrace and don’t exclude.  We inspire and achieve.

As a member of our organization, you will receive access to the following exciting benefits:

  • Discounts for Events, Conferences, etc.

    • Members have discounted access to our live events, and they are the first to be notified of upcoming important dates, limited space information and much more! Nonmember guests are welcome to attend but are limited to two events before they are required to join.
  • Discounts for Online Webinars, Tele-classes, etc.

    • Members have discounted access to all of our online events, including training, coaching, podcasts, and premium content.  Nonmember guests are welcome to purchase these amenities at a higher, non-member rate.
  • Public Member Directory Listing

    • Profile yourself and/or your company so fellow members can hire you! This can include your business/company name, bio, phone, website, social media links and more!
  • Accountability Buddies (SheNOW Soul Sisters)

    • We know how important it is to reach our goals, and we also know that sometimes you need a little help, motivation and sisterhood to make things happen.  Enter your SheNOW Soul Sister!
    • Every six months, you are assigned a new Soul Sister to help you reach the varying Self-Development and Service Education Levels.  This will include mutual planning, attending and support as YOU will be their Soul Sister in return.
    • This also means NEW friendships!  Throughout your six months together, relationships are bound to form with your new fellow ass-kicker at your side!
    • Hint: Stay in the Chapter long enough and you’ll, eventually, be matched with everyone.  Imagine all the new friendships, connections and fabulous memories you’ll make in that time!
  • Life Coaching

    • Members proceed through our Self-Development Track to discover who they are, what they want and where they want to go. And, With the help of the SheNOW Leadership Team, members create personalized goals, Five-Year plans, and much-much more.
  • Education

    • Hand-selected experts will attend meetings to give presentations on all matters, subjects and topics relevant to Chapter members.
    • Educational events, such as museum visits, speaking events, galleries, etc. will be planned for members to attend.
  • Travel

    • When was the last time you went on a girl’s trip? Get ready for the yearly Chapter Trips with locations, dates and events TBD by Chapter members!
  • And Much-Much More!

  • Find A Chapter Near You HERE!

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