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As a 501(c)3 Texas non-profit corporation, this division of SheNOW uses mentorship, internships, scholarships, and educational programs that focus on self-worth and life skills to strengthen young women and their ability to depend on themselves.

Through grants, sponsorships, and donations, our goal is to launch school-based programs in inner city and low-income areas, beginning in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The programs will focus on training and mentoring young women who can’t normally afford to attain such important life skills and tools for success.  We want to give young women in these communities the ability to focus inward, to achieve their goals, to break the cycle of disappointment, and to climb out of their current financial and socioeconomic situations.

As young women, these key years (grades 7-12 and college) are filled with relationships (both good and bad), familial & societal pressures/expectations, and large life-altering decisions.  By partnering with them during such formative years to provide positive mentoring relationships and alternatives to the status quo, we can set them up to have a better chance at success in life down the road.

Not only will we offer internships, scholarships and the like, but the young women in our program will also gain a vast sisterhood of support, love, and guidance.


With interest in our program growing (emails and messages received daily) we see a large demand for services.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to support the growth of our school-based program, and financial assistance is essential in order to help this venture expand.

“Research conducted by Plan International has found that the level of poverty reduction and economic growth in a country is directly correlated to the levels of education attained by women – more than any other factor. When one is flourishing, so is the other; when one is in the ditch, so is the other.”1

If we want to help the female population, and the community as a whole, SheNOW needs resources to get our programs out there, to reach the lost young women of the local community, to show them a life that is not what “society” forces upon them, but it is one of their own voice, path, and choosing.

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